Coleus Root Extract

Coleus Root Extract

Product Name :

Coleus Root Extract

Botanical Name :

Scientific name of it is Coleus Forskohlii.

Plant Anatomy :

Coleus Forskohlii is a plant genus of the family Lamiaceae commonly known as mint family.

Synonyms And Trade Names :

Coleus Forskohlii is also named as Coleus barbatus, Coleus coerulescens, Coleus forsskaolii, Coleus grandis.

Native & Cultivation Regions :
  • It is a perennial herb with fleshy, fibrous roots that grows wild in the warm subtropical temperate areas in India, Burma and Thailand.
  • Currently the plant is extensively cultivated is Southern India.
Physical Properties :
  • Plant height is approximately 1-2 feet and its striking leaves are teardrop shaped, shimmering green framing a bright purple center.
  • Leaf color varies depending on the amount of shade.
  • A cluster of stalked pale purple or blue flowers branches off a single stem.
  • The rootstock is typically golden brown, thick, fibrous, and radially spreading.
  • The roots are harvested in the fall, when forskolin is at its most concentrated and the color is the brightest.
Part Used :

Powder extract is made from dried roots of the Coleus Forskohlii

Chemical Properties :
  • Soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, chloroform, while insoluble in water.
  • It is stable at room temperature in closed container.
  • It is incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.
  • In combustion emits toxic fumes of carbon dioxide / carbon monoxide. Nitrogen oxides
Specifications :
  • The radially spread rootstock is the portion of the plant which is used for medicinal purpose.
  • The extracts taken from the roots contain pharmacologically active forskolin.
  • No other species of Coleus contains forskolin. The standardized extract provides 10 % to 20 % of forskolin.
Health Benefits :
  • Treats heart disorders: Studies confirm that the Forskolin extract from Coleus Forskohlii offers great benefits to patients of cardiomyopathy, a chronic disease of heart muscles.
  • Anti asthma health benefits: Forskolin reduces airway resistance and increases air volume capacity of the lungs and helps in treatment of allergy associated asthma.
  • Controls and cures thyroid malfunctioning : Forskolin extract from the coleus is found to effectively control different enzymes and hormones in our body. Therefore, Forskolin might potentially control any thyroid malfunctioning.
  • Weight-loss benefits : Forskolin increases our body’s metabolism and helps the cAMP cells melt away the stored fats. It also suppresses appetite and increase lean body mass. Therefore, Forskolin supplements can help in weight loss.
  • Aids in correcting digestive disorders : Forskolin is a natural remedy for stomach ache, intestinal spasms, nausea, vomiting and gastric spasms etc. It works as a helpful purgative agent and might improve your overall digestive health as well.
  • Treats allergies and skin conditions : Forskolin extract is effective in treatment of different forms of allergies, also shows numerous benefits for the skin as it was traditionally used in the treatment of skin infections such as ringworms and syphilis.
  • Other Potential Health Benefits of Forskolin extract: It is considered potential in treatment of deadly diseases like cancer and HIV. Researches show that in combination with antidepressant drugs, Forskolin could help slow down the growth of cancer cells, particularly in colon cancer patients.
Applications :
  • Forskohlii helps to lower blood pressure, dilates the blood vessels. It is concerted to be a good Heart tonic.
  • Relaxation of the arteries and smooth muscles
  • Lowering blood pressure.
  • Enhanced insulin secretion (which can help drive carbohydrates and protein into muscle cells for energy and recovery),/li>
  • Increased thyroid hormone function (which can help enhance metabolic rate)
  • Significantly increase lipolysis (fat burning).
  • Forskolin also seems to benefit other cellular enzymes as well.
  • Coleus Forskohlii extract is used in Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverages and Cosmaceutical Industry.