Manufacturing Plant


Ziran India manufactures standardized herbal ingredients for many countries around the world. We have a well structured extraction procedure that is documented in detail, automated, monitored at every stage and executed to precision. Every aspect of manufacturing is performed in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines by experienced and trained personnel and is validated by Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The extraction process is carried out at pre-determined conditions using multi-purpose counter current extraction assemblies. Various modern techniques like pressure extraction, continuous solvent extraction, soxhlet extraction etc. are also implemented. Extractions are normally done using water or hydro alcohol. The extracts are enriched carefully to ensure that the actives molecules of the herbs are in the original natural form and have not decomposed. Purification of the phytocompounds is done by column chromatographic techniques, differential fractionation and crystallizations. The final extracts are then spray dried or vacuum dried.

Each manufacturing cabin is equipped with cool, dry and filtered air with continuous circulation to protect against microbial contamination. Finishing operations take place in clean rooms equipped with clean air supply, air curtains and dust handling/collection systems.

The manufacturing activity is supported by our Research & Development team on a continuous basis for constant improvement, cost reduction, efficient utilization of resources and updating existing protocol. The multi-functionality of the world class equipment we own opens up limitless opportunities for the company’s dynamic research and allows us to delve into previously unexplored areas of nutraceutical science.

  • Collection Centers – Procurement on Pre-set Quality Parameters.
  • Transportation – The material is transported in a closed moisture free atmosphere.
  • Raw Material Quality Control – The raw material is checked thoroughly for physical parameters for fungus , soil and dust is segregated and sorted material is taken to shed for its drying with sufficient air flow.
  • Herbal Extraction on Pilot Plant for Validation – The validated raw material is taken to a pilot plant for study of its contents and quality of contents in the herbs prior taking a commercial batch for extraction.
  • Finished Product Quality Control Analysis – We have a modern and a scientific Quality Control laboratory having latest equipment like HPLC, GC, and UV Spectrometer etc. for estimation of active ingredients.