Our Product Portfolio

With the use of Supercritical extraction technology, it is possible to produce a higher grade of herbal extracts and oils with high flavor intensity and with a full spectrum of phytonutrients. All extracts are 100% natural, authentic, and without solvent residues. These extracts open new possibilities where quality and added value are important. Ziran India has a great selection of herbal extracts for every industry and we are confident that your business will find suitable extracts from our product list.

List of Products

Product Name Botanical Name Standardized
Adulsa Extract (Justiciaadhatoda / Malabar nut) Adhatoda Vasica Alkalods NLT 2% by Gravimetry
Acacia Catechu Extract Senegalia Catechu Catechins UPTO 90% by HPLC Tannins UPTO 50% by UV
Amla Extract (Phyllanthus Emblica / Gooseberry) Emblica Officinalis Tannins UPTO 40% by UV
Andrographis Extract Andrographis Paniculata Andrographaloid UPTO 95% by HPLC
Ashwagandha Extract Withania Somnifera Withanolides - UPTO 20% by Gravimetry - UPTO 10% by HPLC
Bacopa Extract Bacopa Monnieri Bacosides - UPTO 50% by UV - UPTO 50% by HPLC as per IP - UPTO 50% by HPLC as per USP
Black Tea Extract Camellia Sinensis Polyphenols UPTO 25%
Boswellia Extract Boswellia Serrata Boswellic Acids UPTO 85% by Titration AKBA UPTO 95% by HPLC
Cashew Husk Extract Anacardium Occidentale Tannins UPTO 70% Catechins UPTO 20%
Chasteberry Extract Vitex agnus-castus Vitexin UPTO 5%, Agnuside UPTO 0.5 %
Coleus Extract Coleus Forskohlii Forskollin - 10% - 90% by HPLC
Curcumin Extract Curcuma Longa Curcumin UPTO 95% by HPLC
Curcumin Extract Curcuma Longa Curcumin E-100
Fenugreek Extract Trigonella Foenum-graecum Saponnis UPTO 60% by Gravimetry 4-HIL UPTO 40% by HPLC
Garcinia Cambogia Extract Garcinia Cambogia HCA UPTO 70% by HPLC - Water Soluble - Calcium salt
Garlic Extract Allium Sativa Allicin NLT 1% by HPLC
Ginger Extract Zingiber Officinale Gingerol UPTO 5% by HPLC
Gotu Kola Extract Centella Asiatica Saponins - 10% - 50% Asiaticoside UPTO 40%
Green Coffee Extract Coffea Robusta / Arabica Chlorogenic acid UPTO 50% by HPLC
Green Tea Extract Camellia Sinensis Polyphenols UPTO 90% by UV EGCG up to 50% HPLC
Guduchi Extract Tinospora Cordifolia Bitters UPTO 5%
Guggul Extract Commiphora Mukul Guggullipids UPTO 10% by UV Guggulsterons E&Z UPTO 5% by HPLC
Gymnema Extract Gymnema Sylvestre Gymnemic acid - UPTO 75% by Gravimetry - UPTO 25% by HPLC
Holy Basil Extract Ocimum Sanctum Ursolic acid UPTO 90%
Licorice Extract Glycyrrhiza Glabra Gly-acid 90%, DGL Gly-Tinnic acid NMT 3%
Mucuna Extract Mucuna Pruriens L-Dopa UPTO 50% by HPLC
Natural Caffeine Extract Caffeine Caffeine UPTO 99% by HPLC
Neem Extract Azadirachta Indica Bitters UPTO 5% Gravimetry
Phyllanthus Niruri Extract (Bhui Amla) Phyllanthus Niruri Bitters UPTO 5% Gravimetry
Salacia Extract Salacia Reticulata Saponnins UPTO 40% by Gravimetry
Sapindus Extract Sapindus Saponaria Saponins UPTO 50% Gravimetry
Senna Leaves / Pods Extract Alexandrian Senna Sennosides UPTO 60% by UV
Shatavari Extract Asparagus Recemosa Saponins UPTO 40% by Gravimetry
Terminalia Arjuna Extract Terminalia Arjuna Tannins UPTO 40% by UV
Terminalia Bellerica Extract Terminalia Bellerica Tannins UPTO 40% by UV