Private Labeling

Private Labeling

We at Ziran India are specialized in manufacturing authentically natural organic products such as Herbal Extract, Essential oils, Phytochemicals, Oleoresins, spice supplements on the orders of customer. We are specialized in processing the natural plant product in whatever form required by the client. Our company is dedicated to specific product developments such as tinctures, fluid extracts, dry extracts, phytocomplexes, fresh fruit pulps and blend of plant oils as per your specified quantity and under specified temperature and pressure condition.

We can facilitate leaf & root grinding of many herbs to obtain powder form. We can do processing and blending of herbal extract using any common liquid such as water, vinegar, wine and glycerin and can provide you herbal extract in all possible combinations. We can also manufacture essential oil with your desired base or carrier oil. We can also do freeze drying and milling of herbs and liquid extract.

We exhibit creative competence in order to attune ourselves to specific customer requirements by means of new product innovations. We have developed expertise in the field of contract manufacturing of best selling herbal extracts both in raw and processed form on client behalf, keeping in view the consistent quality maintenance, under controlled cultivation.

We can also do filling, packaging and private labeling of bags and can design your packaging according to different formats like bulk loose bags, jiggler tags, single serve envelope using either paper or metallic film. We can provide natural product in your desired quantity and packaging and private labeling ranging from small retail or bottle, bags packaging to varied size containers like drums, using extensive range of packaging available to us or using client’s own private labels and thus assist in promoting your product’s branding value. All our high quality products are extracted from fresh handpicked natural fruits, leaves and roots. Our absolute’s are being regularly supplied to customers all around the world and have been greatly appreciated for their quality, fragrances and endurance.

We are the industry emerging supplier of nutraceuticals and are always improving to ensure our products are the best and newest on the market, including their branding design. We can deliver a world class design by our very own in house design team so that you can create your own unique label and brand by using our private labeling facilities. Our talented in-house team of designers ooze creativity and they are at your disposal. Take advantage of the opportunity to work with top designers with backgrounds in high – end product design. We can provide private label design at very low cost when your order huge quantity of product.