Quality Control

Quality Control

Being a quality conscious company, Ziran India believes in offering our clients a premium range of Herbal Extract & Nutraceuticals. Our products are processed using leaves, rinds and other natural ingredients that are procured from reliable farmers or vendors of the markets. The entire range is thoroughly tested on varied parameters to ensure its taste, purity and hygiene. In order to provide our clients with high quality products, we have set-up a separate quality controlling unit, where these products are analyzed. Advanced testing tools and machines have been installed at this unit that helps in the inspection process. Moreover, we offer our range in safe and hygienic packaging to ensure its longer shelf life.

Our quality commitment – At every level from the shop-floor to the corner room, quality is perhaps the only benchmark we know and strive for. The entire journey from raw material to finished extract is carefully monitored with quality checks at regular intervals and high levels of sanitization and safety are observed at all times to prevent cross-contamination. Our in-house laboratory is fully equipped with the latest scientific tools test, validate and standardize our herbal extracts for pin-point accuracy and purity.

Our Manufacturing unit is equipped with the latest equipment to offer our customers an end-to-end high quality products with optimized production practices, also has associations with various globally recognized organizations which performs clinical trials which are considered a big plus in creating acceptability for new dietary ingredients.

Quality doesn’t happen by chance. It takes a combination of dedicated employees with the right tools and skill sets, attentive management, and a strong, clear quality program. Ziran India strives to achieve error free engineering, procurement and construction deliverables every time.

Our comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) defines our approach and is managed by a Senior Quality Manager. Within each office, Ziran India has identified quality managers who work with project managers in various ways to assist in project specific quality program implementation and adherence.

Key parts of the Ziran India QMS include:

  • On-going Employee Training
  • Standardized Workflows
  • Quality Checklists and Forms
  • Quality Audits
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement

Ensuring that quality controls are in place is a never-ending task for operations and quality managers. And it’s especially hard to do if you’re using manual, paper-based documentation. The key is to tie operational performance with a production control plan and work instructions that everyone has access to, and because plans are revised and instructions may change, it’s ideal to have online access in real time. Not only does this ensure that you’ve got the most up-to-date quality measures in place to govern operations, but it also represents evidence documentation you can give customers or auditors to validate that you’re executing your plan.

Some of our critical Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Quality Checking Steps:

  • Development of a production specific QA/QC Plan
  • Conceptual review of all plans and technical design documentation
  • Team design reviews
  • Drawing and specification crosschecks
  • Equipment specification reviews
  • Constructability and operability reviews
  • Hazardous Operation review
  • Recovery plans for any production quality issues

Supervisors can receive an alert if an attempt is made to override or circumvent the control plan. All activities are recorded directly at the work center and are immediately available throughout the business for analysis by quality managers. Measurements are digitized by typing them in or thru direct digital device connections and Statistical Process Control (SPC) is populated automatically and made available at the work center for continuous monitoring by the operator. And because everything is digital, it is always online for remote monitoring by quality management to more quickly catch dimensions that may trend outside of the quality control limits.

Ziran India is completely equipped with Analytical laboratory with analytical equipments such as HPLC, GC with head space, UV Spectrophotometer, digital polarimeter and well equipped microbiology lab.

With global vision, Ziran India has a well defined quality control System and Quality Management Policy in compliance with standards laid down by regulatory authorities.

Quality Control Policy :

Ziran India means complete customer satisfaction through Excellence in Quality and manufacturing quality products as per WHO standards. To achieve these standards we:

  • Strong belief in quality and value added distribution services through a network of business association in order to increase market reach and penetration and thereby optimize economies of scale.
  • Make all employees aware of quality program of the company and educate them through training in current good manufacturing process (CGMP) and quality improvement techniques.
  • Achieving high standard of quality through continual improvement in processes and skill of the personnel.